Mark Reeve Animation Engineering - Puppet Armatures

Standard Armatures

Our range of Standard Humanoid Armatures is intended as an 'off the shelf' solution, for situations where a reliable fully articulating humanoid puppet is required, but budgets and timescales are tight. All our standard armatures use the same 14 joint generic design and are available in several standard sizes.
In addition, a custom sized standard humanoid armature (based on the above 14 joint generic design) is also avaliable. This is ideal for situations where the overall proportions of the required puppet do not fit any of our standard sizes. eg. A gorilla puppet might require the same number of joints and components as a human figure, but with elongated arms. This custom humanoid armature option provides a flexible solution, which is less expensive than a totally bespoke armature design.

Bespoke Armatures

Bespoke armatures are constructed to the drawings and specifications of the customer, and prices vary depending on the model's complexity. To receive a quote, send us a scale drawing of your proposed armature, indicating the number of joint links in the model, and any special considerations.

Armature Parts and Accessories

All armature parts can be bought individually, and are precision machined for reliable operation.

Humanoid Puppet Armature R101
Puppet Armature Ball and Socket Joints