Mark Reeve Animation Engineering - Electronics

Electronics Design

Our electronic design capability encompasses both analogue and digital design. We also have many years experience in the field of microprocessor based embedded systems. Once a design has been finalised, the printed circuit board layout follows, with any special considerations taken into account. Enclosure design, for the particular environment is then completed, and front panel artwork generated to give an ergonomic and robust solution.

Electronics Manufacture

The manufacturing activities include PCB production and population, cable assembly, and enclosure wiring. Our PCB designs range from simple double-sided boards, to complex multi layer designs.

Electronic Prototypes

Our experience in both mechanical and electronic engineering, allows us to quickly turn a customer's basic idea into a functioning prototype unit.

Front Panels

All front panels and artwork are manufactured in house. A variety of panel types and materials are available, including sublimation printed aluminium, and textured polyester.
Printed Circuit Board Layout
Schematic Circuit Diagram
Pulse Jet Electronic Controller PCB
Front Panel Labels